At =PR= we offer various training programs to meet each individual’s skill level and preference. Our programs will gurantee the results you are seeking and give you the individualized attention you need. Here are our testimonials!

I first began training on a whim, because  I wanted to do something to get in shape, and my company was subsidizing the cost. A month later they stopped that policy, but I was already hooked. Margie, Ray, and Cathy are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful coaches. With their encouragement, workouts, and gentle corrections of my technique, I found my form, distance, and speed all improving.

Running with the group has had an incredible impact on me – before joining I ran once a week or so – now I try to run at least 1000 miles a year and have over a dozen races under my belt including two marathons. Running has also made me healthier and happier – nothing burns off stress like a nice 5 mile run! I have also found that it helps my confidence in other areas of life: when the going gets tough I just tell myself ‘If you can handle a 26.2 mile race you can definitely handle this!

I joined the PR group for Individualized Training in 2005 in an attempt to improve my  running for triathlons and with a vague notion that I might run another marathon. The structured training program and  advice on running technique made a great difference, along with learning how to properly pace myself. My mile times went from 6:50 to 6:05 and my run performance in triathlons improved significantly. I also decided to aim to qualify for the Boston Marathon and using the skills I learned at the workouts I did it my first try, and then  ran a 3:40 at Boston,  having stopped for photos.The running skills I learned and the camaraderie made this one of the best investments in training I have ever done.

It’s not an understatement to say that the PR Running Club (note, PR Training Programs’ Individualized Programs were previously offered as “PR Running Club”) changed my life.  I’ve had exertional asthma since I was a child, and in high school I couldn’t even run a mile.  Since joining the group almost 5 years ago, I trained to run a number of races – 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons – repeatedly set personal records in all of these distances, and finally got to the point where training for a marathon seemed achievable.  I’ve since completed two marathons, am very excited to be training for another one this year, and continue to dream of one day qualifying for Boston.

I’ve run many PR races and have attended various free seminars and trail runs but this was my first time doing a training program.  I now understand why people keep coming back!  The Cherry Blossom Training Program was a wonderful program.  Coach Kim was amazing!  She is super encouraging and I know she gave up a lot for us.  It was great to have her perspective and nice to have someone that can relate to those of us that run in the middle or the back of the pack.  I know that coaching is challenging and for Kim it meant sacrificing her training for ours.  We really appreciated that.  I believe everyone in the program enjoyed seeing her smiling face every Saturday morning.  We wouldn’t have gotten through those tough, freezing cold, snowy days without her.

Through this program I have finally found people that I can train with and I look forward to continuing that.  I think over time I will see the results that I know I can achieve.