Winter/Spring Running FUNdamentals 5k/10k Program Details


OVERVIEW Are you newer to running and want to build a solid base? Are you getting started and looking for some structure in your training regimen? Do you need accountability to get you out the door on those winter days? Need to work on form to be more efficient?  Do you want to meet some running buddies who share your passion?  The Winter/Spring 5K/10K Running FUNdamentals Program is for you!

The low-key 16+-week weekend morning program also includes an optional weekday evening session, and will be available in Arlington, Burke, and Reston.

The 5K/10K Program meets weekend mornings in BURKE, DC, and RESTON. (If you’re looking for a different day or location consider our Cherry Blossom/Spring Mid-Distance Training, which is a good alternative that is still appropriate for beginners and intermediate runners.)  All training sites begin with an information session, coach meet and greet, and informal first day run the weekend of December 3-4.  All sites will meet at 8:30 AM for the first weeks.

The 5K/10K weekend session will focus on getting you started and/or improving your endurance, form and strength.  Class will start with a weekly clinic on such topics as form, drills and core strength then a run portion.  Distances covered will range from 1- 6 miles, depending on runners’ background and goals.  Run pace/effort level will also be varied — sometimes focused on a steady, “fat burning” training pace, and other times designed to teach you to “change gears” or run at harder effort, such that you learn how different paces feel and what their purpose(s) are. Typical sessions will last between 60-90 minutes, though a few may be slightly longer on days when the runs are long.

Optional weeknight speed sessions allow you to work on picking up the pace (and are offered in conjunction with our other Winter Training Programs). If a speed session isn’t appealing, we encourage you to meet up and run with others during a group run from your local =PR= store one evening each week. Though we encourage participants to run shorter races throughout the winter when available, and to plan for some spring races, there is not a set race goal at the end of this program, making it flexible to meet your winter maintenance goals.

This program is appropriate for new runners and past Running 101 and Running 201 participants. If you aren’t sure if this program is advanced enough, don’t fear — training times are concurrent with the other Winter Training Program Tracks, so it’s easy to move you to a different group some or all of the time as appropriate.



The Winter/Spring 5K/10K Running FUNdamentals program begins the weekend of December 3-4 and continues through the first week in April. It is a great way to get going through the holiday season or jump in a bit later with that New Year’s resolution.  Stay focused while having fun during those winter months, and/or prep for a spring race.

Our Running 101/201 programs begin again in March 2017, so the 5K/10K Running Fundamentals program offers an option to keep things going over the winter!


The program cost for the =PR Training= Winter/Spring 5K-10K Running Fundamentals Program is $159 for the session. This cost includes up to sixteen weekly coached weekend morning sessions, optional weekly track/group workouts as scheduled and available, and participant benefits including a LS technical shirt and other giveaways and social activities.

Active participants in the Program also receive special promotions from Potomac River Running Store and discounts on entry to all =PR= owned races.

Previous Participants in =PR= Training Programs will automatically receive a $15 discount on registration if you use the same account. No code needed! 


There are three available training sites for the Begin/Base/Build & 5k/10k Training Program:  Burke, DC/Peirce Mill, and Reston.  The Cherry Blossom/Spring Mid-Distance Program will meet in Arlington, Ashburn, DC and Reston as well, offering additional group run opportunities should participants have a conflict with the scheduled DTP run.

Burke-based 5K/10K Training Program:  Meeting at the =PR= Burke Store at 5715 Burke Centre Pkwy (intersection of Ox Road and Burke Centre Pkwy). Runs will take place on Burke trails with occasional “field trips.” Location is convenient for runners from southern/western Fairfax County and Arlington/Alexandria runners who seek a Saturday long run day. Weekend sessions meet SATURDAYS at 8:30 AM (Session time will move earlier as program progresses to accommodate longer runs and we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early so the run can start promptly.) Optional Weekday Speed Session in BURKE on Tuesdays (at Burke Store or Robinson at 6:30 PM)

DC/Georgetown-based 5K/10K Training Program:  Meeting 34th & Water Street in Georgetown (under the Whitehurst Freeway at the park area near the start of the Capital Crescent Trail.) The Sunday meeting time allows for available off-street parking. Depending on your location, Metro may be an option via a walk across the bridge to the Rosslyn station. NOTE: This winter we are in Georgetown due to the construction on Beach Drive. We will assess the viability of Peirce Mill in the event of snowy conditions. The DC location is convenient for runners from DC, Arlington, Alexandria, and Maryland. Weekend sessions meet SUNDAYS at 8:30 AM. (Session time may move earlier as program progresses to accommodate longer runs and we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early so the run can start promptly.) Optional Weekday Speed Session in DC on Thursdays (at Wilson HS at 6:30 PM).

Reston-based 5K/10K Training Program:  Meeting at the =PR= Reston Store in Reston Town Center. Runs on the W&OD with occasional “field trips.” Location is convenient for suburban runners from Reston, Vienna/McLean, Chantilly, Centreville, and more. Sessions meet SATURDAYS at 8:30 AM. (Session time may move earlier as program progresses to accommodate longer runs and we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early so the run can start promptly.) Optional Weekday Speed Session in Reston on Tuesdays (at South Lakes HS at 6:30 PM.)